Meaty, Beaty, Big, and Bassy.


The Subducer-8 is made very strong and durable. Great solid construction. It is very easy to setup, and the great part about it is compared to some other “kick out” microphones, this one takes a lot of the work out of mixing the usual suspects from the bad frequency areas. The raw recording sounds how you want it to sound in the mix without having to do a lot of carving out in the mix.
— Joe "Dante" Delfino, Miller Street Studios - Chicago, IL
The studio demoed one on a Monday, and our order was placed by Tuesday. It’s that good!
— Eric Lilavois, London Bridge Studios - Seattle, WA
I really appreciated the solid connectivity of the low end; The Subducer has much more character than most mics of this concept. It can be felt and heard.
— Chris Mullings, 4th Street Recording - Los Angeles, CA
We love our Subducer! It has big smooth sounding low end for kick drums and bass guitar. It is a wonderful support mic with our normal bass and kick mics. Its almost like adding an 808 to your kick drum. I usually eq out the little bit of mids that come through and at times have even backed off some of the deepest low end to make it fit just perfect in the mix. It takes eq very nicely.
— Pierre Ferguson, Foundry Studios - Sumner, WA




Technical specifications


Delicately forged in the valleys of Prosser, Washington, every unit is personally manufactured and tested by us, your friendly neighborhood SubDudes.

Aluminum and Wicked Plastic Housing

Lightweight.  Durable.  Reinforced to handle your abuse.  We're not saying it's indestructible, just nigh upon indestructible.


Dayton Audio DC200-8 8" Woofer

We use an 8" speaker because, after a lot of trial and error, it took us places a 6.5" couldn't.

Phase Reverse

Phase-cancellation?  Eliminate it with the flick of a switch.

Plug & Play

Built with an in-line -15db pad and a balanced XLR connection so all you have to do is plug straight into your microphone input.


As shown below, the Subducer-8 cranks out lows well below 100Hz, peaking in the 30-50Hz range, while tapering the mids and highs.